Nebraska Middle-Skill Jobs

NVR will work with the ICI to create a fast-track community college certificate program for VR consumers interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. The program will be designed to meet specific community industry needs, based on information gathered from surveying employers. The study will emphasize a dual customer focus and ‘just-in-time’ training and internship programs.

The research activities will be conducted using a Plan, Do, Study, Act approach to continuous quality improvement.  During the Plan phase, we will design the flow of activity and determine the process and needs for data collection for defining industry expectations. The Do phase identifies industry labor needs and job tasks and creates training curricula. The Study phase reports the accomplishments to date including specific employer expectations, barriers identified, solutions proposed, and next steps through focus groups. The Act phase will determine the course of action.  This cycle will occur multiple times to refine the program with the last iteration assessing the study’s impact of placing qualified candidates in middle skill positions in the healthcare industry. Outcome data will be examined on the referral of jobseekers to the newly designed job training, successful completion rates, and placement and retention rates within the targeted healthcare industry.

For the 2012 RSA National Employment Conference, Ryan Stamm of NVR and Bob Burns of ICI presented on Middle-Skills + Employer Focused Services (.pdf presentation)