Alabama Business Intelligence

ADRS will partner with ICI to examine potential impacts of integrating business intelligence efforts and labor market data across ADRS policies and procedures. Multiple research activities will occur to capture important features of strategic planning and data integration across agency practices, which include:

  1. Secondary data analysis to investigate correlations between ADRS VR outcomes and labor market trends over the past five years in Alabama
  2. Interviews and focus groups to document the incorporation the Dashboard metrics of labor market information and business relation processes across ADRS strategic planning and decision-making efforts
  3. An evaluation on the Dashboard expansion efforts to study changes in job placement strategies pre- and post- adaptation of expanded business intelligence efforts

The study will determine if correlations exist between closure outcomes and labor market trends through the above research activities. It will also serve as a mechanism for assessing investment in business relations efforts and enable leadership to modify practices to accommodate private sector needs over time.