Training & Technical Assistance (TA)

The VR-RRTC on Demand-Side Strategies training and technical activities (TTA) will provide practical advice for taking action, achieving measurable outcomes, and connecting partners across different communities. The efforts will influence strategy and policy at a state VR agency level through engaging stakeholders with participant-driven learning models.  It will supplement activities in an effort to share information in critical areas to bring about sustainable changes that positively impact employment prospects.

Activities will be designed with the principles of Universal Design for Learning in mind and will revolve around:

  • Intensive on-site Technical and Training Assistance providing on-site consultation to ICI’s partnering VR agencies in adopting and improving demand-side strategies
  • Distance and on Demand Training and Technical Assistance providing online support for individual VR agencies on a wide range of topics emerging from research activities
  • Custom Data Analysis and Evaluation Support utilizing the VR-RRTC’s online data hub,, to support direct access for custom evaluative and planning data

As a part of its assistance to the three state laboratories, ICI will perform an initial assessment for each site, develop an initial findings document complete with goals and timelines, develop an in-state project leadership group based on the established goals, implement the plan with the assistance of external experts, and evaluate the plan through data tracking. Stakeholders in the public VR system will be given the opportunity through their interaction with SVRAs to provide feedback on best TA practices. Ongoing collaboration with 10 regional TACE centers will ensure active and local support for training and technical activities.

The following models will be used to improve knowledge and skill sets of VR personnel:

  • Communities of practice will facilitate the discussions of four separate working groups focused on disseminating knowledge relevant to demand side issues
  • Learning Collaboratives will provide the structure for the transport, testing and adopting of the VT PE Model
  • Webinars will share information with a broad audience by incorporating presentations about demand side practice with opportunities for interactive questions and discussions.
  • Training curriculum will be designed so that other agencies may adopt the models used in NE, VT, and AL.
  • TTA advisory group composed of experienced professionals in the field will provide continuous feedback as research is translated into practice.
  • Conference presentations will be hosted and attended where ICI staff and project partners will lead and participate in discussions on related issues



The VR-RRTC on Demand-Side Strategies is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) Grant # H133B120002.