Key Staff

ICI Staff

Susan Foley, Ph.D.
ICI Research Director
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-4317

Susan is the principal investigator for the VR-RRTC on Demand- Side Strategies. She is also the PI of the NIDRR-funded VR-RRTC and Co-PI of the RTAC and the RSA-funded Model Demonstration on Improving Employment Outcomes of VR Customers who Receive Social Security Disability Insurance, the “SGA Project.”

Julisa Cully
Knowledge Translation Program Director
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-4386

Julisa creates and implements knowledge transition strategies with senior research staff across projects. She provides technical and operations consultation in the design, collection, and interpretation of research findings.  Julisa is responsible for the TTA and knowledge translation elements and serves as primary contact for all SVRA consultants and project staff.

Lisa Blunt Rochester
Senior Executive Leadership & Systems Manager
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-4315

Lisa acts as Senior Executive Leadership and Systems manager and has chaired the Governor’s Council on Equal Employment Opportunity and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies’ Labor Market Information sub-committee. She will participate in the intervention phase of the NE project, work with NEC in creating working groups for the Communities of Practice, and lead dissemination efforts with the National Governor’s Association.

Robert (Bob) Burns
Senior Policy Fellow
Institute for Community Inclusion

Bob acts as policy fellow on numerous VR projects at the ICI and was a former president of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSVAR).  As a Senior Policy Fellows, Bob coordinates operations, policy, financial and practice TTA.

Dana Jefferson
Senior Policy Fellow
Institute for Community Inclusion

Dana acts as policy fellow with her extensive experience in the field of human resources and public systems. She participates in the intervention cycle of the NE efforts and provide consultancy across other project needs.

Cecilia Gandolfo
Program Director & TACE Center Director
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-4342

Cecilia is the director of the New England TACE center (Region 1) providing leadership in implementation of project activities related to the employment of people with disabilities. She coordinates training and TA efforts with the RSA TA network.

Kelly Haines
Research Associate
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-5907

Kelly provides research support across several VR projects.  She serves as the project coordinator for the research activities under the VR-RRTC on Demand-Side Strategies, and is the point of ICI contact for the studies conducted in Nebraska and Vermont.

Dennis Moore, Ed.D

Dennis is the former Director of Substance Abuse Resources and Disability Issues (SARDI) and has extensive experience with substance abuse outpatient programs for person with severe co-existing disabilities. Dennis provides consultancy on research protocols, instruments and analysis plans.

Elizabeth Porter
Research Data Coordinator
Institute for Community Inclusion
(617) 287-4368 

Elizabeth coordinates and provides support for the research activities conducted under this project and other VR projects housed at ICI.  She is also responsible for maintaining the content of this website.

Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Hugh Bradshaw
Employment Services Manager
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
(802) 241-2728

Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation

Mark Schultz
Assistant Commissioner
Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Jim Coyle
Director of Employment Services
Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Michael Quinn
Program Evaluation Coordinator
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Milton Moats
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Peggy Anderson
Business Relations
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

 The New England Council

Larry Zabar
Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
New England Council

The VR-RRTC on Demand-Side Strategies is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) Grant # H133B120002.