Case Studies of Effective State VR Agency Practices

Project Description

VR-RRTC researchers are conducting case-study research on emerging state VR agency practices for:

  • Managing outreach, service access, and case flow to serve individuals with the most significant disabilities (MSD) on a priority basis (.pdf)
  • Improving employment outcomes for individuals with mental illness (MI) (.pdf)
  • Improving employment outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) (.pdf)
  • "Practices" refers to VR program practices, policies, and procedures. Case studies on improving employment outcomes intend to study “what works,” regardless of the model or approach utilized in achieving these outcomes.

    The study goal is to provide state VR agencies and their staff with concrete examples of emerging practices that will help them to better translate legislative mandates for serving individuals with MSD on a priority basis into practice, and to improve employment outcomes for the MI and DD populations.

    This study began in January 2010 and will be completed in spring 2012.

    Please visit the Trainings & Webinars and Project Publications pages to view archived webinars and read summaries reporting findings of these case studies.

    For more information about this project, please contact a member of the case-study team: 

Heike Boeltzig, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate and Project Coordinator

Institute for Community Inclusion

(617) 287-4315


Kelly Haines

Research Associate

Institute for Community Inclusion

(617) 287-5907


Allison Fleming

Doctoral Student

Michigan State University Rehabilitation Counselor Education Program


Elizabeth Porter

Research Data Coordinator

Institute for Community Inclusion

(617) 287-4368