Technical Assistance (TA)

The VR-RRTC offers technical assistance to state VR agencies through three approaches:

1) Distance Technical Assistance

2) Custom Data Analysis and Evaluation Support

3) On-Site Technical Assistance

1) Distance Technical Assistance:

The purpose of distance TA is to provide state VR programs with information and consultation as they design and implement policies, practices, and operational approaches to increase their program’s effectiveness.

The TA may involve any or all of the following:

  • Conference calls
  • Materials development
  • Data collection
  • Policy analysis
  • Identification of approaches identified in research and utilized by other agencies and programs
  • This TA is designed to meet a state VR state agency’s needs, both in the day-to-day activities of the agency and in the adoption and rollout of best practices. Support in the framing of state policies, practices, and program-evaluation activities is also available upon request.

    To request technical assistance, please email

    2) Custom Data Analysis and Evaluation Support:

    The VR-RRTC is developing a data clearinghouse designed to support direct access to evaluative and planning data by state VR agencies and other stakeholders (e.g., disability and employment service providers). This clearinghouse will build on the ICI’s existing employment-outcome data website at, and will include access to longitudinal (1988 to present) and cross-state comparisons of data from the RSA-911 database.

    There are two components to this effort:

    • Data on demand
    • Program-evaluation support

    Data on Demand—VR-RRTC staff develop custom data summaries at the request of state VR agencies or other stakeholders. These summaries help agencies to develop more effective strategies and policies and to evaluate their services. VR-RRTC researchers define and confirm the goals of the data request, and then develop custom data summaries.

    To request Data on Demand, please email

    Program-Evaluation Support—VR-RRTC staff provide short-term consultation to state VR agencies and other stakeholders to conduct data-based decision-making about strategies and initiatives related to VR services. These consultations, including reviews of evaluation tools, could be provided via web- or teleconference-based meetings or written materials.

    To request Evaluation Support, please email

    3) On-Site Technical Assistance:

    The VR-RRTC provides on-site consultation and TA to three states per year over a three- to six-month period. Consultants provide support with implementing an innovative policy or strategy based on VR-RRTC research activities.

    Annual selection of states to participate will be based upon input from the VR-RRTC advisory board, consultation with CSAVR, and/or the nature of the request and the urgency of the need as expressed by the individual state VR program. All requests will require an endorsement from the agency director as being an area of need for that specific agency.

    To request On-Site Technical Assistance, please email

    For more information about technical assistance, please contact:

    Senior Program and Policy Analyst
    Institute for Community Inclusion
    (617) 287-4336
    Senior Program Manager
    Institute for Community Inclusion
    (503) 331-0687